Taggart Lake // Grand Teton National Park

Taggart Lake is an easy trail in Grand Teton National Park that is heavily trafficked during the day and frequented by visitors of all abilities. Like most trails in GTNP, it quiets down in the late afternoon and is pretty solitary in the evening. It is a mellow 3.3 mile RT hike or run that takes you to an amazing lake with stunning views of … Continue reading Taggart Lake // Grand Teton National Park

Phelps Lake // Jackson Hole

Grand Teton National Park is filled with amazing trails that are begging to be explored. As a 9-5er, these adventures are typically saved for the weekends, as many are long hikes that take you to stunning canyons or pristine mountain lakes. My favorite GTNP quickie is to the Phelps Lake jumping rock, which is on the northeastern shore of the lake. This is a heavily … Continue reading Phelps Lake // Jackson Hole

Why Community Supported Agriculture?

What is Community Supported Agriculture? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for citizens to directly support farming and farmers in their communities. Members purchase a share of a farm’s produce for the growing season. These shareholders pay their money upfront, and in return, they typically receive a weekly delivery of what is in season at their local farm. The benefits of reduced transportation costs, … Continue reading Why Community Supported Agriculture?

Quick camping trip // Uinta National Forest

We had a super busy week leading up to the weekend and didn’t have time to plan anything for the weekend. We were going to go to Wendover and gamble, with our friends Megan and Kelly, but decided that we would rather go for a quick overnight in the Uinta National Forest. The Uintas are SO close to Park City. It only takes an hour … Continue reading Quick camping trip // Uinta National Forest

Snow King // Jackson Hole

Snow King Mountain is the smaller, lesser known ski resort in Jackson Hole. It sits right beside the town of Jackson at 7,808 feet, offering hikers and skiers 1,571 vert to play with, essentially towering over the downtown area. The Snow King hike is a local favorite and some residents proudly claim that they hike it not only once, but twice daily. The trails are … Continue reading Snow King // Jackson Hole

Lake Blanche // Big Cottonwood Canyon

Yes!! This hike really is my favorite in all of Utah. Why? It’s a killer workout that leads to a killer view. Best of all, you feel like you are in the middle of no where looking at the most amazing view of mountain lakes and peaks. You also get to see lots of wildlife including moose, mountain goats, and I’ve heard people have even … Continue reading Lake Blanche // Big Cottonwood Canyon