Backpacking Lake Blanche // Ladies night

I’ve got to say, I have some pretty bad-ass friends that are willing to backpack into the woods after 5pm on a Friday, drink some wine, pee in the bushes, take in the views and wake up early to bag a peak. My seven girlfriends and I made the trek into the Twin Peaks Wilderness area of the Wasatch Forest for a ladies night at … Continue reading Backpacking Lake Blanche // Ladies night

Vertigo // Mountain Biking in Draper

I had a 5 day waiting period before moving into our new house, so went to stay with my boyfriend’s cousins in Draper, UT. They live just up the road from Corner Canyon, a system of mountain biking trails, so we’ve ridden Ann’s and Rush several times this year. Ann’s is an awesome, mellow trail that flows around the mountain from the Potato Hill Trailhead, … Continue reading Vertigo // Mountain Biking in Draper

Why Community Supported Agriculture?

What is Community Supported Agriculture? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for citizens to directly support farming and farmers in their communities. Members purchase a share of a farm’s produce for the growing season. These shareholders pay their money upfront, and in return, they typically receive a weekly delivery of what is in season at their local farm. The benefits of reduced transportation costs, … Continue reading Why Community Supported Agriculture?

Quick camping trip // Uinta National Forest

We had a super busy week leading up to the weekend and didn’t have time to plan anything for the weekend. We were going to go to Wendover and gamble, with our friends Megan and Kelly, but decided that we would rather go for a quick overnight in the Uinta National Forest. The Uintas are SO close to Park City. It only takes an hour … Continue reading Quick camping trip // Uinta National Forest

Lake Blanche // Big Cottonwood Canyon

Yes!! This hike really is my favorite in all of Utah. Why? It’s a killer workout that leads to a killer view. Best of all, you feel like you are in the middle of no where looking at the most amazing view of mountain lakes and peaks. You also get to see lots of wildlife including moose, mountain goats, and I’ve heard people have even … Continue reading Lake Blanche // Big Cottonwood Canyon