Mount Superior // Little Cottonwood Canyon

The summer of 2017 has been great! I’ve been able to check a lot of the big hikes in the area off of my bucket list. Sometimes, I am so involved in training for running races, or getting out on my bike every free second that it’s hard to get out to hike and explore more trails around the area.

Hiking is special, it takes you to places that you would otherwise never be able to visit by bike, car, etc. Your two feet take you to amazing summits where you can see for miles and miles. You reach peaks that many other people have never been to and may never get the chance to see.

I can’t believe that last weekend was my first time ever climbing the iconic Mount Superior, in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I finally got around to hiking it on a perfect late-summer day with my friend Julia. It’s all I ever imagined and more. The views the entire way were gorgeous and you could see in every direction.

Approaching Cardiff Pass – looking towards Alta

The hike is very steep but it goes by quickly because it is only 3 miles to the summit. The first part of the trail you will follow a Jeep road and follow the trail under some telephone wires until you get to Cardiff Pass. ย Once you reach Cardiff Pass, the first pass after a steep climb, you will be able to see the summit of Superior, down towards Snowbird and back towards Park City.

The view at Cardiff Pass

When you leave Cardiff Pass, you will decend for a minute before heading back up to superior. This is where you start to scramble a little bit. Julia and I got off the trail and ended up scrambling up some large boulders, but if you pay attention you won’t loose and trail and will not have to climb on any ridges, unless you choose to hike the south ridge.

Starting our scramble up to the peak

From the summit you can see peaks all around you including Pffierhorn. If you hike further to the top of Monte Cristo, the other peak very close by, you can look down at Lake Blanche and Sunset Peak.

My friend Julia at the top!

The hike was 5.8 miles round-trip and took us just under 3 hours round-trip to complete. According to my Strava, we gained 2,832 feet in elevation. We took our time and made sure to look around and take in the views. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any mountain goats but some other people the same day did see them so keep your eyes peeled.ย If you tackle this summit in late summer, make sure to reward yourself with a beer from Snowbird’s Ocktoberfest.

I am definitely going to make this hike a go-to for when I want a great day hike and a stunning view. The reward for the distance is great when compared to other hikes in the area!



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