Lake Lackawaxen & Bloods Lake

Last night, my friend Meesh and I decided that we would hike to Bloods Lake and Lake Lackawaxen after work. I go to Bloods Lake all the time, but once I searched and searched for Lake Lackawaxen, on a solo hike, and I wasn’t able to find it. This was mostly my own fault, I hadn’t done any research prior and just wandered around on trails in the Guardsmans Pass area.

Thankfully, Meesh had been to Lake Lackawaxen before so she knew the way! This made me feel better about not getting lost in the woods again, a common occurrence.ย We packed up the truck, loaded in 4 guys and their bikes (my boyfriend and his friends), dropped them off on the pass to do downhill laps and parked at the top of Guardsmans Pass. Search for the parking areaย here.

Once we got to the top of the pass ย we loaded on bug-spray because we have had SO many mosquitoes in Park City this year. We headed down to Bloods Lake and let Raka, our trail dog, cool off a bit in the water. Since it was a weekday, it was quiet at Bloods. Lately, on the weekend it’s super busy, probably because it’s only about .6 miles and only takes 15 minutes to get down there. Most people go to Bloods Lake and don’t even know there is another beautiful lake nearby. My friend Megan and I went to Bloods a week or so ago and set up a hammock to hang out and drink a beer. I also love doing the rope swing at the far end of the lake or floating around in a tube on a hot day! Bloods Lake is a must-do if you have visitors in town and want to get out for a quick and easy hike.

Our set-up at our last hang at Bloods Lake.

We left Bloods Lake and continued on our way to Lackawaxen. After you cross over the small outlet (stream) of water, you go straight up the hill behind the lake. You follow a trail, at the top towards the right, that is lined with wildflowers so you don’t even notice the power lines above you. Once you get to another intersection hike straight/to the left. You will see Clayton’s Peak above you and a scree field to the right. Hike through the boulder field and straight and you will find Lake Lackawaxen. It’s a little less than a mile from Bloods Lake to Lake Lackawaxen.

Testing my balance on one of the many down trees near the lake.

We got to the lake right as the sun was going behind the mountains. There was no one there and it was peaceful and beautiful. The lake is at the bottom of Clayton’s Peak, tucked right under a scree field. It’s a little smaller than Bloods Lake but even more beautiful! We saw 3-4 flat camping areas near the lake with fire-pits and I can’t wait to backpack in for the night, see the sun come up and swim.

Meesh and I got back to our car at sunset and headed home, covered in deet and dirt, with a wet dog but we had a great time! If you have more time, you might want to turn this hike into a loop and summit Peak 10420 and Clayton’s Peak at the same time.

Here are a couple more pictures from our night:

A cute little bridge to a cute little island in the middle of Lackawaxen.
Raka, the trail dog!

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