Vertigo // Mountain Biking in Draper

I had a 5 day waiting period before moving into our new house, so went to stay with my boyfriend’s cousins in Draper, UT. They live just up the road from Corner Canyon, a system of mountain biking trails, so we’ve ridden Ann’s and Rush several times this year. Ann’s is an awesome, mellow trail that flows around the mountain from the Potato Hill Trailhead, taking you to Rush which is a downhill-only trail that winds its way down the mountain allowing you to catch some really fun speed. The climb back up Potato Hill is ideal  for bikers who love downhill but aren’t that into climbing. Although it kicks your butt, it feels like a quarter of what you’ve already biked.

Vetigo 2

My new favorite trail in the area is Vertigo, which leaves from the Eagle Crest Trailhead in the Suncrest neighborhood. It is an intermediate flow trail and was soooooo fun for an beginner/intermediate rider like myself! The corners were easy enough for me to manage and I was able to send it pretty fast with confidence. I was also riding an XS bike (2 sizes too small for me) which was really heavy so I was going a lot faster than I’d normally be going. It was so fun to have so much confidence!! My only regret this day was not shuttling cars – the climb back up was brutal in 100 degree heat. Pool time was much appreciated that afternoon.


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