Lunch Loop // Lost Prospector

Do you only have an hour for lunch and have plans that are restricting you from being active after work? There are plenty of things that you can do within an hour that will get you moving. We all know that sitting 9 hours a day makes it essential to get out and play at some point during the day.

Some of my favorite things to do during lunch are simple; take my dog for a walk, walk home for lunch and back to work, go for a short run, do a quick hike (PC Hill, if you live in Park City) or a quick bike ride. Today I decided to check out the new trail that Mountain Trails built, that is an extension of Lost Prospector. This Lost Prospector loop is awesome because:

  1. Β You can easily do it under an hour.
  2. It’s not a hard ride, so you don’t get too sweaty before returning to work (the total elevation gain is less than 800 ft)!
  3. There are a few different places you can get down, in case you get an urgent call from work and have to bail.
  4. It’s close to town and easy to get to.

Lost Prospector is located off of the rail trail and rides above Prospector and City Park/Old Town. I start from my house, but you could always just park at City Park, ride down the rail trail, past White Pine Touring and take “Skid Row” up. Skid Row is the only real climb on this ride and it will put you on Lost Prospector. Once you’re on LP ride all the way towards Aerie and right before Aerie Drive there is a new trail on the right that goes down slightly.

The new trail is awesome! I used to ride down Aerie and cross Deer Valley Drive, which can be especially dangerous if there is a lot of traffic. The new trail is wide and flows back down to the rail trail and will put you out slightly past White Pine. At the end of the new trail take a right and then your first left to be back on the rail trail. Once you’re back to the rail trail you can just pedal back to City Park on the rail trail.

The whole loop is about 8.5 hour and took me under an hour. Taking the new trail instead of crossing Deer Valley Drive added about a mile and a half to the ride.

Leave me a message in the comments if you have any other questions!


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