Phelps Lake // Jackson Hole

Grand Teton National Park is filled with amazing trails that are begging to be explored. As a 9-5er, these adventures are typically saved for the weekends, as many are long hikes that take you to stunning canyons or pristine mountain lakes. My favorite GTNP quickie is to the Phelps Lake jumping rock, which is on the northeastern shore of the lake. This is a heavily trafficked trail during the day, but the crowds dissipate in the late afternoon.

Phelps 2
My friend Morgan taking the plunge!

The hike is 5 miles round trip and only takes about an hour to complete (unless you choose to hang for a bit, which I most definitely do). The rock gives an amazing view back into Death Canyon and if you are feeling brave, you can take a 20 ft plunge into the ice cold mountain water. This time around, I chose to avoid the 40 degree water, but still had an awesome time getting out after a long day in the office to explore the park and hit up my favorite GTNP apres work trail.

Hiking back through Death’s Canyon



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