Quick camping trip // Uinta National Forest

We had a super busy week leading up to the weekend and didn’t have time to plan anything for the weekend. We were going to go to Wendover and gamble, with our friends Megan and Kelly, but decided that we would rather go for a quick overnight in the Uinta National Forest.

The Uintas are SO close to Park City. It only takes an hour to get there, get your tent set up and crack a beer. That is, if you know where you are camping. There are a lot of spots in the Uintas that take hours to get to and you end up driving down long and rugged dirt roads. In the past, we have driven 2 hours and found out that we got a flat on our way in. We then had to drive all the way back to Kamas to fix the tire – as you can imagine I wasn’t very happy about that but you don’t want to be stuck with a flat in the middle of no where without service.

This weekend, we wanted to try to camp at the East Portal Dispersed Campground. I have only been to this amazing site once and we backpacked in. This time we thought the trucks could make it but we were wrong. If you do have a good 4WD truck that you’re not worried about damaging then this is the spot for you because the camp site is amazing and you can walk to waterfalls and swimming holes like this one:


We turned around and headed back onto Murdock Basin Road. Murdock Basin Road is at the 21 mile marker off of HWY 150 or Mirror Lake Highway. It’s on the right hand side and you cross a river and the road becomes dirt. This time we camped right off of Murdock Basin Road, which is route 137. Β A couple miles down 137 there is a turn-off on the right that is called route 416, we camped 800 feet up on 416 to the right. Check out our Camping Spots Map and click on Murdock Basin Road.

We brought our mountain bikes because we were going to ride High Star Ranch in Kamas on our way back to Park City because the trails are super fun. But, after a long night and a couple mimosas at brunch we decided to skip biking and head back to Park City.

Our overnight ended up being perfect, here are a couple highlights from the trip:

  1. We re-heated Alberto’s burritos on the campfire – now that’s a real camping hack, thanks Kelly
  2. Our friends set up their tent in the bed of their truck – make-shift Tepui… not
  3. It was cool and refreshing – we were wearing puffy jackets sitting around the fire in June
  4. I stayed up past midnight – yep, that doesn’t happen often
  5. We set up the hammock and no one flipped or fell – but we did get a sweet picture
  6. I carried Raka up and down the Tepui tent ladder – all by myself!
  7. No bugs! We brought bug-spray but didn’t even use it
  8. I want to up-cycle fabric waste and make matchbooks (not my idea)
  9. Our site was close to the main road and is only an hour away from Park City
  10. I used a Pudgie Pie for the first time. My friend Megan had brought these to use to make breakfast and I am going to order some right now. They are amazing.
  11. We went for a hike to see the waterfall, only to realize we would rather be eating brunch then hike for another hour +. So, we turned around.
  12. The mimosas at Mirror Lake Diner, our favorite, hit the spot on the way back into town. Pro-tip – just order champagne and get a slice of orange. No one needs the extra sugar, and it saves you $.50 – big win.It’s all about these little things that keep us sane throughout the week. It can be done in night, without any notice. Pack up the car and get some fresh air and enjoy some quality time around the fire!

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