Snow King // Jackson Hole

Snow King Mountain is the smaller, lesser known ski resort in Jackson Hole. It sits right beside the town of Jackson at 7,808 feet, offering hikers and skiers 1,571 vert to play with, essentially towering over the downtown area. The Snow King hike is a local favorite and some residents proudly claim that they hike it not only once, but twice daily. The trails are steep and go straight up, but you can get to the top in less than 45 minutes. After a week of drinking sloshies, I felt I needed a good sweat so headed to Snow King to get my heart pumping. Although a quick climb, it definitely kicks your butt into shape and I can see why so many locals use it as their daily workout.

Snow King 2

I took some time at the top to โ€œSavor the Solsticeโ€ (an ode to the mass yoga class I was missing in Park City on Guardsman Pass) and soak in the mountain town and Teton views.



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