Montage > Spiro Shuttle

It’s finally that time of year when you can ride mid-mountain and above in Park City! The first shuttle ride that I did this year was from the parking lot right above the Montage in Deer Valley, before the gate that closes Guardman’s.

Click here to see the route on Strava.

This ride is awesome because you get to ride mid-mountain 6ish miles before you head down Spiro and it doesn’t require much pedaling at all. Sometimes you need a day off from climbing, and today was one of those days. Usually, I like to start even higher to ride Corvair down, but that’s still not dry, as of June 15.

All good rides end with a post-shred beer. Don’t forget about Silver Star Cafe’s patio for a comfy place to chill after a ride!

Best photographer award for the day goes to my roommate Eric. He snapped this picture of me on a berm and I didn’t even know it:

Spiro Berm


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