Toquerville Falls // Zion’s secret

I’m just going to say, Β I can’t wait to go back to Toquerville Falls! Not because it was super amazing the first time, but because it was so freaking busy. And don’t get me wrong, it is a super amazing place but it was so overcrowded the first time we went on Memorial Day.

So first tip;

1. Don’t go on Memorial Day… or any other day you think might be crowded. Next time I go, I’ll go on a weekday and hope that there is some peace and quiet.

2. Know where you are going – I wasn’t sure of the exact way to get there so I accidentally navigated my truck-driving boyfriend up a pretty steep, rugged road to the top of a mesa, where there were no waterfalls – oops. I’ll just say it here: when you get to a fork in the road go right and not left.

3. Make sure you are in a truck. Four-wheel drive won’t help if you are in a sedan because you need to navigate one or two pretty rocky sections.

4. Give yourself time – it takes a good half-hour (about 6 slow miles driving) to get to the falls and once you get there you are going to want to hang out for awhile.

5. Cool down – this place is awesome and there are a couple spots where you can jump in from about 13 feet into a pool.


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