MTB day trip // Vernal, Utah

This morning we packed up the truck to head out to Vernal, Utah, a destination about 2.5 hours from Park City. We headed down for the day to get out of town and check out some different mountain biking trails. In the early spring season, it’s easy to get burnt out riding the same trails in Park City, ie. Round Valley, Dutch Hollow, Coyote Canyon, etc.

The drive to Vernal was pretty easy. You take route 40 the whole way. It’s a beautiful drive because you drive through part of the Uinta National Forest and past Strawberry and Starvation Reservoir.

Our first destination was the gas station, so I could change out of my PJs and into something a bit more practical for the trail, fill up our water and grab a couple of snacks and some beer.

Our second destination was northeast of Vernal near Red Fleet Reservoir. Like the picture above, these trails were pretty! We rode about 8.5 miles and only gained 995 feet on the loop that we did. The trail was pretty buffed out and was up-down-up-down. Here’s the loop on” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Strava that we did.

Our third stop, after having a post-pre-ride-beer was McCoy Flats to get in another ride before grabbing dinner and heading back to Park City. We did about 6 miles here and it was super fun. After a mellow climb up Jackalope, we got to go down Serpindipity, which has big switchbacks that go down a gully and it was all downhill from there. Here’s the loop on Strava.Β Next time we go back I would love to ride more at McCoy Flats because I heard that there is some more fun and technical trails that we could have done if we needed more time.

Saturday done well. Park City has so many places within a few hours that are accessible and worth the drive just for the day. Bonus: you don’t have to pack overnight camping gear!


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