Canyonlands Half Marathon // Moab

The Canyonlands Half Marathon was one of my favorite races that I have ever done – and I have done a lot of half marathons in my time. This was the second race that I have done in Moab. The first race that I ever did in Moab was the Thelma and Louise Half, which is an all girls race based on the Thelma and Louise movie.

The race didn’t start until 10am but the morning starts early and racers get shuttled from downtown Moab to the starting line between 7:30 and 8:15am. While waiting for the race to start, you can socialize with other racers, try to keep warm drinking the free coffee, and enjoy the amazing views of the Colorado River winding down below the tall mesas. This race had great camaraderie from taking the shuttles in the morning to drinking beers at the finish line.

One of the things that I thought was the most fun was the beer garden at the finish line. The race provided enough nutrition at the finish line, plus I always bring a protein shake to drink immediately after the race, so as soon as I refueled my muscles I headed to the Moab Brewery beer tent to grab some brews. Many races in Utah do not offer any beer at the finish line so this made it really fun to hang out afterwards and they gave us THREE free beer tickets. You read that right, THREE free beer tickets.

My goal was to finish the race, have a good time doing it and to not injure myself! Goal met! This was the first half this year that I had NO pain whatsoever in my bad knee or my bad hip. I’m almost 30, what can I say, sometimes I feel like I’m falling apart!

Here is my race summary on Strava: Canyonlands Half Strava

I also plan on signing up for the “Other Half” which is in October in Moab and you run through the same canyon, but it starts and ends at a different location. See you there!


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