When some people find out that I pay money to run 13.1 miles they might laugh or say, “why would you do that?”, some people don’t get it.

But, there’s something about gathering at the start and running alongside other runners that have been training to complete the same goal. The energy at the race is contagious and it pushes you to do your best, no matter what your “best” is. It might be crushing that lung-busting hill or breaking a PR. Having friends and family cheer you along from training to crossing the finish line covered in saltly-sweat is one of the best feelings.

In January, I decided that I wanted to keep my running habits on a regular schedule and  I would sign up and (try to) complete one half marathon every month in 2017.  I often find myself registering for races and training and training to complete that one race. Then I revert back to my bike, back to relaxing on the beach, taking my dog for walks, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I let my running get away from me. This year, I want to be more consistent, I don’t want to train to get crazy-fast or break any PR’s. I simply want to run, enjoy running, not push myself to train hard for one event, but to run for fun and keep it regular because running is something that I love.

Below is my half marathon schedule so far, which I will update as I register and complete races throughout the year. If you have any suggestions of races that I should run, please let me know below in the comment section!

January 14St. George Half Marathon – Completed – 2:07:48

February 25 – Dog Town Half Marathon – Completed – 1:51:38

March 18Canyonlands/Moab Half Marathon – Completed – 1:58:19 (read my blog about it here)

April 22Salt Lake City Half Marathon – Completed – 1:46:46 (read my blog about it here)

May 6 – Hump-Day Half – Completed 1:50:20 (I made this one up because I hadn’t signed up for a race in May. I ran from the parking area above the Montage to Kimball Junction. More specifically I ran to I Love Moo to get a smoothie.)

June 10Utah Valley Half Marathon Completed 1:44:20 (my personal best, ever!)

July  – Run from Guardsmans with Megan and Bailey

August  – Trail half with Bailey! 

September – ?

October – The Other Half – Moab? 

November 4Snow Canyon Half Marathon  – Registered 

December – Final Half with friends? FREE


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