Camping down Long Canyon Road // Moab

When Moab is busy a lot of the “reservation only” campgrounds sell-out quickly but it’s really not that big of a deal because there is so much BLM land in the area. Who needs bathrooms or water anyway?

Two years ago was the first time that I had camped on Long Canyon Road with Barrett and his mom Nancy. We had done a long road trip to visit all of the National Parks in Utah and this is where we set up camp for the night in Moab. I believe it was our favorite campsite of the whole trip!

After running the Canyonland’s Half Marathon in Moab in March with a few girls I thought that this campsite would be our best bet to find a spot and relax after the race. A couple of the girls had cars that wouldn’t be able to handle too much rugged terrain and Long Canyon Road is a mellow dirt road and the campsites are right off the road.ย Plus, we wanted to watch the sunset at Dead Horse Point that evening, which is super close and easy to get to from Long Canyon Road.

Ok, so why is this campsite so epic? First of all, it’s free and it’s quiet. There are no RV’s with their loud generators running (I mean if you’re anywhereย with a large RV, I’m not sure I would consider that camping anyway). Also, the views are incredible. The expansive views look over red rock and mesas over towards the snow-capped La Sal Mountains. I’m not sure where else you could get a view like this in the morning. There are fire-pits and great little hikes to explore right from the campsite too. Just be careful if you have your furry friend with you because the campsites are on top of a mesa so there are large drop-offs nearby so just keep an eye on them.

Alright, to get to said campsite you need to take the road that leads you to Canyonlands National Park off of Route 91. Head towards Dead Horse Point and before you get to the State Park entrance you will see a dirt road on the left hand side. Map below. Drive down the dirt road a few miles and take a look for turns off to the right hand side (my favorite). The campsites are only a stone’s throw off the main road so you don’t have to look far. Enjoy and don’t forget to visit Dead Horse State Park when you are in the area!


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