5 tips for weekend camping

Working 8-5pm Monday through Friday can really wear you out if you don’t use the weekend to unwind. For us, unwinding means getting dirty, sweaty and getting away from our day-to-day routine. We feel the most refreshed at work on Monday when our weekend was spent away from technology, camping somewhere under the stars.

  1. Be spontaneous! Trips don’t always work out if you analyze every. single. detail. Instead, go with the flow and be ready for whatever and wherever your getaway may be.
  2. Hit up your friends – your friends need to get away as much as you do, as soon as 5 o’clock rolls around on a Friday. See who’s around and who can join you a couple of days in advance and get your crew together.
  3. Pick your location – Use this tool to see what is within a specific radius of your starting point. BUT, it is always nice to have a “go to” a place where you know there is a campsite, with a place you can set-up camp when you roll in late at night that has trails nearby.
  4. Gather your essentials – it’s so much easier to go on a weekend trip when you have everything organized and you don’t have to worry about buying that camp stove that you have been meaning to buy for the past couple of years. Make sure you have what you need to survive 2 nights camping and keep it ready to go so that it’s easy to pack!
  5. Prep your food – there’s no reason why you should be eating Clif Bars the whole time you are camping. Gross. Before you go make some easy hobo dinners and get some healthy snacks that will stay fresh.

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