5 Park City, Utah day adventures

There is so much to do in Park City and the surrounding areas during the Summer. Below are 5 of our favorite mini adventures that you can do in the afternoon or during a weekend! Have fun!

  1. Park City SUP Yoga – Park City SUP hosts stand up paddle-boarding classes and lessons at Deer Valley Pebble Beach. It is located behind the Deer Valley Plaza Café, in the same building that our sales office is in. Stop by the café for breakfast or lunch and then get out on the water!Click here  to see a calendar of events and to learn more about them.
  2. Hike and Swim at Bloods Lake – This is an easy hike that the whole family can do! The trailhead is located at the top parking lot at the top of Guardsman’s Pass. Park in the lot and to the far left you will see the trailhead that heads down. Follow it down for about a half mile and you will reach Bloods Lake, a perfect place to take a picnic or jump in and cool down! Local’s tip: there is a rope swing at the far end of the lake that is SO fun.
  3. Hike the PC Hill – Want to stay in town but get out for a short hike? Park at the base of the PC Hill and you will see a trail that heads up. The hike is short but will wind you around to the two big “PC” concrete letters. From above you will have views of Park City and beyond.
  4. Hike up to Jupiter Peak – Want to know the quickest way to get to the top of Jupiter Peak, the highest peak in Park City? Park in the same lot at the top of Guardsman’s Pass. To the far right of the parking lot you will see a trail that heads straight up. Once you climb this steep section veer to the right and climb along the ridge. You will see a jeep road that goes to the high peak that you will see in front of you. Follow that to the top of the peak, you will know you are there when you see the pole covered in bumper stickers!
  5. Float the Provo River! – Floating the Provo is one of the most fun ways to cool down in the Wasatch Mountains.

Message me for details about how to do any of the mini-adventures above. Let me know what your favorite thing to do in Park City is in the comments below.


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