Sunrise at Mesa Arch // Canyonlands

Want to stay in bed, your cot or your tent, as long as possible and still see an epic sunrise while in Moab? We’ve got you covered. Mesa Arch is a destination for travelers visiting from around the world as the must-see sunrise in the Utah desert. It’s only a half a mile hike (walk) in and is easy to drive to through the Canyonland’s entrance.

The hike is super easy andย is well marked. You hike along slickrock and dirt before coming up to the arch. You will want to bring a headlamp with you, but there tends to be enough natural light in the sky to be able to navigate to the arch shortly before sunset.

The sun rises perfectly as the window of the arch is east facing and captures the light on the red-rock magically. We arrived early to the arch and there were already more than a half dozen photographers there getting ready to photograph the beautiful arch. However, I definitely suggest that you do this hike at sunrise if you haven’t before. It is truly amazing.

Oh and, don’t forget to snap a few photos!


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