Short hike to Jupiter Peak // Park City

Want to get to the highest peak in Park City after work, and be down before sunset? This hike is for you.

Crank the tunes as you drive up to the top lot at Guardsman’s Pass. Park in the main parking lot, where you would start your hike to Bloods Lake or 10420. On the opposite side of the parking lot (opposite to the trailhead for Bloods Lake or 10420) you will see a steep hill that goes up, straight up.

Get moving. Climb up the steep pitch and then veer off to the right. You will walk, run, crawl (whatever feels right) on the ridge that looks out towards Jupiter and has 360 degree views.

Take the service road that goes up to Jupiter. You will see Shadow Lake to the right of the road, keep heading up.

You know you are at the top when you see the pole covered in bumper stickers. Enjoy with snacks and a bottle of wine!


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