Hike + Swim // 10420 to Bloods Lake

This is a short hike that almost anyone can do and will take you no longer than 1.5 to 2 hours. Start at the trailhead at the parking lot at the top of Guardsman’s Pass, which meets in the middle of Park City and Salt Lake City if you drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Once you park, look back towards Park City, on your right you will see a trailhead that forks. One trail goes up (right) or down (left). Start by hiking up the trail to the peak of 10420. This section of the hike is steep, but short. In the summer, it is blanketed with wildflowers on either side.

From the first peak, you will have 360 degree views and will be able to spot 6 mountain lakes. It’s beautiful! As you hike down the other side of the peak you will stay left when the trail splits and it will take you down through a valley. If you want to go straight – this is the trail that will take you to the top of Clayton’s Peak.

When the trail splits again, stay left, you will hike up briefly before hiking back down towards Bloods Lake.

Bloods Lake is the perfect place to hang out on a warm Summer day. It is usually warm enough to swim in Summer months and there is even a super fun rope swing at the far side.

Bloods Lake is the perfect place to set up a hammock! 

When you are ready to hike back up to your car you will head around the lake counter-clockwise from where you hiked in and up the hill on the opposite side. Follow this trail and you will be back to your car from the lake in about .6 miles.

I love the Guardsmans Pass area because there are so many trails and so many different loops that you can do, depending on the amount of time that you have. One of my other favorite hikes includes Lake Lackawaxen – check it out here.


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