A weekend in Jackson, WY // GTNP

I headed up to Jackson, WY after work on Friday to spend the weekend exploring Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) with a couple of friends. We settled down Friday night at a campsite in Curtis Canyon, which is only a couple of miles from town. This spot is first come, first serve and offers amazing views of the Tetons. In the morning, we made breakfast … Continue reading A weekend in Jackson, WY // GTNP

Backpacking Lake Blanche // Ladies night

I’ve got to say, I have some pretty bad-ass friends that are willing to backpack into the woods after 5pm on a Friday, drink some wine, pee in the bushes, take in the views and wake up early to bag a peak. My seven girlfriends and I made the trek into the Twin Peaks Wilderness area of the Wasatch Forest for a ladies night at … Continue reading Backpacking Lake Blanche // Ladies night

5 Reasons to Blog About Life + Adventure

After a long week-long adventure, when your toe-nail polish is chipped and you haven’t washed your hair in days, is the best time to write about life and adventure. It’s the best time to document what life really is and the things that you experience. When people ask me why I started a blog in the first place, here are my most common answers: I … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Blog About Life + Adventure

4 Easy Ways You Can Help Protect the Environment

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan Protecting the environment is a hot topic these days, both politically and ethically. One question has really been bothering me lately: when did protecting our environment for future generations become a partisan issue? And when did we stop believing the scientists who have spent years and years … Continue reading 4 Easy Ways You Can Help Protect the Environment

Vertigo // Mountain Biking in Draper

I had a 5 day waiting period before moving into our new house, so went to stay with my boyfriend’s cousins in Draper, UT. They live just up the road from Corner Canyon, a system of mountain biking trails, so we’ve ridden Ann’s and Rush several times this year. Ann’s is an awesome, mellow trail that flows around the mountain from the Potato Hill Trailhead, … Continue reading Vertigo // Mountain Biking in Draper

Taggart Lake // Grand Teton National Park

Taggart Lake is an easy trail in Grand Teton National Park that is heavily trafficked during the day and frequented by visitors of all abilities. Like most trails in GTNP, it quiets down in the late afternoon and is pretty solitary in the evening. It is a mellow 3.3 mile RT hike or run that takes you to an amazing lake with stunning views of … Continue reading Taggart Lake // Grand Teton National Park

Phelps Lake // Jackson Hole

Grand Teton National Park is filled with amazing trails that are begging to be explored. As a 9-5er, these adventures are typically saved for the weekends, as many are long hikes that take you to stunning canyons or pristine mountain lakes. My favorite GTNP quickie is to the Phelps Lake jumping rock, which is on the northeastern shore of the lake. This is a heavily … Continue reading Phelps Lake // Jackson Hole